Private Schools vs. Charter Schools

We are proud to be a private school.

It’s no secret that parents in the Bay Area take education seriously, even renting empty apartments to gain residency into a certain neighborhood. The public school race can be mania to say the least.

Because East Valley Christian is a legitimate private school, our enrollment is based on availability and achievement, and not by where you live or who you know. This enables all interested families an opportunity to give their children the very best. And if you’re concerned about costly tuition, don’t give up so easily. We offer over $100,000 of needs-based scholarships to families just like yours every year.

But what about charter schools?

Few realize that charter schools are actually public in framework and are still funded and regulated by the government.

A few years back charter schools gained notable popularity and had many parents convinced that charter schools were well above the average standard.

Surprisingly enough, San Jose Mercury News recently released an article deflating this embellished impression that charter schools have higher test scores than other leading schools.

East Valley Christian School is proud to be a private school that offers private education. This means that your tuition is handled with utmost regard, knowing that you trust us with your child’s education. And because you’re the funding source of your child’s education, we listen to the individual needs of your child. In other words, your dollar counts toward your child’s education.