EVCS teachers make such a huge difference in their students' lives. We praise them for teaching, but we also honor them for leading with the example of their lives. Our faculty has a heart for ministry that pours over into their love for teaching. Leading a child on their educational path is challenging, sometimes intense, often taxing, but as educators we see it as worthwhile, priceless, and rewarding. Before rushing into a child's world with arithmetic, literature, and all-things academic, we carefully lay the foundation of character, integrity, and self-value within each child.
The end result is students who respond ethically and possess the ability to and interest in making sound decisions. We believe emphasizing strong Christian character is the key to igniting confidence, which leads to a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Our approach begins with appreciating and valuing each student and we don't ignore any social or emotional struggles that can distract or discourage a child from learning.

So who are our educators?

They're a mixture of ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities who share one common, faithful commitment of seeing younger minds meet their potential. Here they are in action!