We use an outstanding curriculum by BJU Press.

Natural Learning

Our curriculum is implemented across all grades, causing a seamless migration from one grade to another for our students. This enables young minds to concentrate on their natural flow of learning without having to feel their way through a new teaching method new each year.

Challenging yet Adaptive

We’ve chosen BJU Press based on its academic rigor, emphasis on critical thinking, technological solutions, and its unapologetic biblical worldview. Even though it’s a strong curriculum, it speaks clearly to each student at his or her own interests.

Meets or Exceeds National Standards

Although the material meets or exceeds national academic standards, it also allows us the liberty to keep our students’ faces stuck in textbooks all, by offering hands-on activities and engaging demonstrations.

Standing Out

We refuse to be a school where students become locked in to endless standardized testing and confusing teaching explanations that are rigid and uncompromising to a child’s natural learning curve.