Educational Success Consultation

Our Admission Process Begins with an Educational Success Consultation

You will meet with our principal, Ms. Jennifer Schmedding, and take a mini tour of our facility.  Ms. Schmedding, has over twenty years of experience in Christian education, serving as a counselor, teacher, and administrator. She is deeply committed to the success of Christian education for Christian families.

The purpose of an Educational Success Consultation is to actively engage and support parents in making wise educational decisions for their children.  Ms. Schmedding will focus on the vision you have for your children.

We are interested in your goals for their academic training and their Christian character development as we help you determine if EVCS is the school for your children. We recommend that both parents/guardians attend the Consultation.

Please fill out the following information, and we will contact you to schedule an Educational Success Consultation and includes a mini school tour.

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Classrooms will be open to students at 8am daily. Classes begin 8:15am. Please be sure to be on time. Students who arrive after 8:15am will be marked tardy.
A lot of kids are nice here... they aren't hostile as the other schools can be.
A lot of kids are nice here… they aren’t hostile as the other schools can be.