We appreciate your interest in East Valley Christian School (EVCS). Your inquiry into private Christian education demonstrates concern for your child's spiritual and educational welfare. We commend you in taking a proactive stance to establish a good moral and academic foundation for your child's future.

EVCS Mission

At EVCS the teaching of Biblical principles is the primary objective of our school. We intend for our students to be first-class citizens of the Kingdom of God, faithful members of a Bible-believing church, and academically balanced. This translates into the following objectives… Read More

Rigorous Academics

We’ve chosen an outstanding curriculum (by BJU Press) based on its academic rigor, emphasis on critical thinking, technological solutions, and its unapologetic biblical worldview. Even though it’s a strong curriculum, it speaks clearly to each student at his or her own interests.

School Life

We believe every student has the potential to succeed.  Therefore we take strides to ensure the foundation of character, integrity, and self-value are carefully instilled within each child as they grow in their academics.  We also provide a healthy work & play balance.

Applying to East Valley Christian School is easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Complete our Online Inquiry Form to let us know that you are interested in EVCS, and we’ll send you an information packet.


Call (408) 270-2525 to schedule an Educational Success Consultation.

You will meet with our principal to discuss the goals and vision you have concerning your child’s education, and take a mini tour of our campus.

After completing the Consultation the EVCS admissions office will notify the parent that the student has been accepted as a new student!


After acceptance, an enrollment packet will be sent to the parents of the new student.

Enrollment is complete once all required forms are signed and documents are submitted to East Valley Christian School.


This is the best part!  We look forward to serving your child, and extend the welcome to you and the rest of your family.

In time you will see the Christ-centered education your child receives from our dedicated staff on a daily basis will develop the necessary positive self-esteem, and academic intelligence your child will need to become successful in any path they choose.

Frequently asked questions

Is East Valley Christian School accredited?

We are not accredited, but we use a curriculum that meets or exceeds all state and national standards.  Our teachers are well trained to use the curriculum.

What does East Valley Christian School believe?

Standard academics is important, but there is nothing more important than preparing and equipping our students to be world changers. We strive to teach students to think for themselves, and be productive members of society. In order to fulfill this goal we teach them to live and love like Christ, the greatest world changer of all!

What is the student/teacher ratio?

Student to teacher ratio is low for a reason. Teacher’s communicate with students regarding their academic achievements, behavior and conduct on a daily basis. This extra exchange shows our students that we are there for them, when they need it the most.

Can I really afford a quality Christian education?

Yes! We are an affordable school. Our hope is to make quality Christian education available to all. With that in mind we keep our tuition rates reasonable, and we offer over $50K in needs based financial aid to qualifying families.

Do you offer an art, music or sports program?

We have an enrichment program that exposes our students to foreign language, computer skills, music and art appreciation. Depending on the program each student will be introduced to concepts, styles, and will be lead by example.  At the end of the year they will put their knowledge to work by creating their own masterpieces.

What High Schools do EVCS graduates attend?

Most often our graduates move to their neighborhood public and charter high schools.  It is also common for our students to attend Valley Christian, Liberty Baptist, and other local private catholic High Schools.